Terms and conditions of the CashLabz Hedgefund

Always research the risks before making an investment! Never invest more money than you can afford to lose. Investing in the CashLabz fund entails an average higher risk. You invest outside the supervision of the AFM (Dutch financial supervisor).

CashLabz is a company that creates investment recommendations based on specific strategies in the foreign exchange market. These investment recommendations can be automatically copied through signals on a copy trading platform. These disclaimers and terms apply to the services and information provided by CashLabz. By using this website, our services, and/or information, you automatically agree to these disclaimers and terms as a (potential) customer.

CashLabz is partnered with Robogroup Fzco, which is providing fund managers to manage the CashLabz fund.

CashLabz specializes in market analysis and the creation of investment recommendations. These recommendations pertain to the foreign exchange market (forex). Trading in the forex market involves leverage, which is risky. It’s important for you as a (potential) customer to conduct thorough research and understand how this works. It’s possible to lose your entire investment. Therefore, only invest money you can afford to lose. Approximately three-quarters of retail traders lose money in forex trading. CashLabz’s strategies also experience losses from time to time, as this is inherent in trading on the foreign exchange market. Investment recommendations lead to the automatic copying of orders through signals. Intervening after placing an order is only possible by subsequently closing the order, modifying it, or executing a counter order. You, not CashLabz, are responsible for your investments and choices. By default, you follow orders 1-on-1. All orders and transactions executed in the client’s trading account are initiated and undertaken at the client’s and any joint account holder’s own risk. You can start, stop, or pause the copy trading at any time. However, deposits or withdrawals may take some time to process. Usually, this occurs within 48 hours, but this timeframe cannot be guaranteed in the event of technical problems or disruptions. Seek independent (investment) advice according to your own judgment and needs. By using CashLabz’s services, you declare as a (potential) customer that you have adequately assessed whether your investment profile aligns with the risk of the chosen signals and that you accept those risks.

CashLabz is not a copy trading platform, broker, financial advisor, or asset manager. The services and information we provide do not constitute investment advice. CashLabz only provides investment recommendations based on its own insight, which can be copied through signals on a copy trading platform. There is no guarantee that these signals or investment recommendations are accurate. Investment recommendations are of a general nature and not tailored to the individual investor’s situation. It is not claimed that investment recommendations will result in profits or losses. Past results are also not indicative of future performance.

The investment recommendations are for personal use only. It is not allowed to reproduce, disclose, resell, use for commercial purposes, or otherwise provide to and/or share with third parties CashLabz’s recommendations. The customer is liable to pay a fine of €10,000 per violation to CashLabz if the customer multiplies, discloses, resells, uses for commercial purposes, or otherwise provides to and/or shares with third parties CashLabz’s recommendations. CashLabz reserves the right to stop providing investment recommendations and/or disconnect the customer’s trading account from the copy trading system at any time, without being obligated to pay any compensation to the customer.

The Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) has established transparency requirements for issuing investment recommendations. CashLabz follows the transparency regime to the extent applicable to automated investment recommendations based on its own analysis. The (automated) provision of investment recommendations does not entail a prospectus requirement or licensing obligation by the AFM. Therefore, you are investing outside AFM supervision. As such, before linking your trading account to that of CashLabz, you must assess whether the associated risk aligns with your situation in terms of the relevant risks and necessary knowledge and experience. The broker where you create a trading account and copy our orders is located outside Europe. However, the broker is licensed and supervised by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Brokers outside Europe are allowed to offer the requested services under MiFID II regulations if customers initiate the process themselves. When creating an account with the broker, you are required to declare that you are opening the account on your own initiative and are aware that the broker operates outside European supervision and regulations. In addition to IFSC regulation, the broker has implemented its own protective measures such as negative balance protection. Please carefully read the terms before accepting them on the broker’s website and using this service.

You independently create an account with the broker of the copy trading platform and subscribe to copying orders to your own trading account. The copy trading platform and broker are entirely separate from CashLabz as a company. These services are distinct and can be used independently. Both the creation of a trading account and subscribing to order copying are subject to the terms of the copy trading platform and broker. During the account creation process and while subscribing to orders executed by CashLabz, you will receive information about these terms from the copy trading platform and broker. Please read these terms carefully before accepting them on the copy trading platform and broker’s website and using this service. Are you located in Belgium? Since August 18, 2016, the FSMA has prohibited the commercialization of forex in Belgium. CashLabz does not intend in any way to allow residents of Belgium to subscribe to copying investment recommendations from our bots via the copy trading platform.

For copying signals, you pay a performance fee (performance-based pricing). The performance fee is 35% of the profits made with your investment. The performance fee is a percentage of the profits you earn in your trading account. There are no startup costs. The performance fee is calculated based on the high-watermark principle and applies to net profits. You will only pay the full fee once any potential drawdown or losses have been recovered in a subsequent week. The owed fee is automatically and weekly transferred from your account directly to CashLabz. The performance fee includes 21% VAT. Automated trading can result in many individual transactions. The associated transaction and interest (swap) costs charged by the broker can negatively impact returns. CashLabz does not influence the amount of transaction and interest (swap) costs charged by a broker. These costs can be viewed on the broker’s website. Depending on how you became a customer of the broker, the broker may use a portion of your paid transaction costs as affiliate compensation to third parties. Although you don’t pay extra for this (the broker gives up a portion of its income in this case), it’s important to be aware of this.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, CashLabz is not liable for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability, or timeliness of the provided information, investment recommendations made, and/or orders copied via the copy trading platform to the customer’s trading account. Similarly, CashLabz is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages that may arise from the use of the information we provide and orders copied by users (including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of opportunities, trading losses, and damages arising from any inaccuracies or incompleteness of this information). The services of CashLabz and the operation of the signals and investment recommendations provided by CashLabz occur online. There are certain risks associated with this, including delays in systems or servers, technical malfunctions, inaccuracies in (displayed) information and calculations or methods of calculation, or cyber attacks. CashLabz is not liable for any damage, of any kind, resulting from these factors.